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these boots are made for larvae

for most inanimate objects, an extended period without use will have little if any effect. a little dusting or scrubbing will clear up the residue that built up and crusted over the years. unfortunately, objects with crevices, such as the foot slot of a boot, prove to be excellent dwellings for arachnids, which currently inhabit my father’s twenty year old pair. I’ll need the boots to survive in boston’s arctic climate, but I’m hesitant to stick my feet in, as I’ve turned the boots upside down, shaken them, and witnessed the escape of at least a half dozen eggs, all of which looked to have been dead for at least a year. the mother fell out as well, and quickly disintegrated as I attempted to pick her up with a tissue. this was an unpleasant experience for me, and I thought you deserved to know.
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