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I wonder how soon and with what frequency I'll be having sex

I'm completely exhausted in every possible sense. college for leave I 11 hours in. said goodbye to someone today. said goodbye to somebody else yesterday. josh has been gone for 3 days now and I haven't spoken to him yet. can't go to the modest mouse concert in boston in a couple days because 1.) I'd have to go alone, 2.) I don't know how to get there, and 3.) I don't have tickets. the last one is the biggest impediment. I'll try to get a couple hours sleep tonight, but of course I've left all my packing until right now. maybe I'll cry. no, just kidding. I only cry during movies.

I never wrote about my family beach vacation, and my one entry about my job was really only indirectly related. my stories are good. you will probably like them. therefore I won't write them for fear of being judged.

woh, someone added me to their friends list. how alarming. I must reciprocate this offer of good will.
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