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your ballroom days are over, baby

the first meeting of the dance dance revolution club was held about 6 hours ago, and all of the returning members together comprise perhaps the strangest group of people I’ve ever encountered. thus I am required to continue attending as both recreation and social experiment. I had never played before, which means that I currently suck, but I’m willing to put in the work necessary to improve. it was intimidating and inspirational watching some of the more seasoned players, who were capable of contorting their bodies in horrifying ways. that lasted an hour and a half, and then an hour later “the royal tenenbaums” was playing in one of the student theatres, and it was totally awesome because only about 20 people showed up and they were all really cool.

also, no one was standing at the door of the theatre to collect the expected $1 fee, which means I still have $4 with me which is enough to get into boston tomorrow and find a bank so I can pay to see this with her.

someone offered me drugs the other day, and it was simultaneously unsettling and refreshing. unsettling because I have never been offered before and I was hesitant to say no, even though I had no intention of trying it then. marijuana I think it was, but I decided not to engage the guy in conversation to find out. I don’t have anything morally against marijuana, or “pot” as I believe it is sometimes referred, and I will probably try it eventually, but not then, and definitely not from that guy who appeared to crawl out from under a bench, perhaps hiding there due to frustration from having been born 35 years too late, as evidenced by both his mannerisms and attire. and the offer was refreshing because it means I apparently I don’t look as tightly wound as I thought. but then again, the guy was probably using whatever it was he was offering, so his vision might have been a bit out of focus.

in fencing class today I actually got to hold a foil and lunge. I have yet to impale anyone, but I await the opportunity with great anticipation.

my roommate went home for rosh hashanah, which, for you non-hebrews, is the jewish new year. I feel like I’m back at home in maryland now that I’m alone in my room sitting at my computer.

lots of other things happened. they will not be mentioned because I sleep now.
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